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  • Ensure long-term social, cultural, economic and environmental prosperity in the Peterborough region.
  • Make Peterborough a more welcoming community for newcomers to work, live and study.
  • Provide resources, practical supports and best practices that will enable the community to better meet the unique needs of newcomers.
  • Fill the gaps in program delivery.
  • Improve and expand our services for immigrant integration.
  • Support the sustainability of the PPCII and shows us that you value the work we do.

Did you know that:


  • $25 allows a newcomer to share their immigrant experience at a diversity training session for employers.
  • $50 supports the English as a Second Language (ESL) Steering Committee for one month to work towards designing an accessible and affordable ESL training program for newcomers.
  • $100 will give 150 newcomers the opportunity to participate in the Peterborough Welcome Pass Program.
  • $250 will support the development of web-based resources for health professionals to work with Immigrants, such as a guide to becoming a Designated Medical Professional.
  • $500 will support research to improve practices related to immigration integration.
  • $1000 will give 10 newcomers training in public speaking and prepare them to deliver the Newcomer Integration Toolkit to groups and organisations.

Your PPCII membership includes:

  • New Canadians Centre (NCC) membership which includes:
  • Voting rights at the NCC Annual General Meeting.
  • Eligibility to attend all NCC social events, trips, workshops and other activities (additional fees may apply).
  • Subscription to the NCC newsletter
    Attendance at 6 PPCII meetings and committee meetings, including access to professional development training and capacity building events as part of PPCII meetings.
  • An opportunity to network, share information, develop partnerships and advance mutual goals with over 150 PPCII members from all sectors of the Peterborough community.
    Discounts on PPCII professional development training program fees and other activities provided by the PPCII.
  • A subscription to the PPCII bi-monthly e-letter, emails on PPCII events and the PPCII annual report.
  • Access to information and strategies regarding immigrant integration.
  • Opportunities to participate in the PPCII decision-making processes and to help to make Peterborough a more welcoming community for newcomers to work, study, and live.