London is known to organise some of the best music festivals in the whole world. In fact, many people across the world choose to visit London during one of these music festivals and the whole of London will be filled with music and it will be fun everywhere. So in case if you haven’t had the bliss of watching a music festival in London and if you want to be a part of it, here is the list that you should see. Below-listed is some of the best music festivals that are organised in London year after year. Do not miss it if you get the chance.

Lovebox Festival:

Lovebox is one of the best music festivals that anyone would want to be a part of. This Lovebox festival has been working since 2002, and every year multitudes visit this festival to listen to great music and have fun. It was the idea of a DJ, Groove Armada, to organise a two-day music festival and that is when it started out in the year 2002. The team also organises festivals for clubs and nightlife parties. The festival usually takes place in Tower Hamlets, London.

Field day:

Again it is one of the famous music festivals that take place year after year in Victoria Park, London. The festival has been a part of the London culture from 2007, and it’s been there for a decade. Apart from the fun that they promote through music, they also organise an event called the Village Mentality. Though this sounds crazy for an outsider, this will be complete fun if you visit it once.  There is also something called the field day radio.

Wireless festival:

I feel that the early 2000s must have been a great period for music in London because the Wireless Festival also came into existence during the same period the other festivals on the list. It started in the year 2005, and after being declared a success, the festival is on till date. Earlier the festival used to be in Harewood, London. But then as years passed, the places changed. As of 2017, the festival was held in Finsbury Park, London.

British Summer Time:

While most music festivals limit themselves to a day or two in London, this festival stays put for two weekends, and it is celebrated once in the year. The festival is usually held at Hyde’s park, London. The festival has also received a lot of awards and accolades for their great work and the fun that they cater to the public. The celebrations are too grand that it makes the whole turn back once.

The Proms:

This music festival is organised by the BBC. Though the music festival is lovingly called the Proms, they do have a formal name. It is known as the Henry Wood Promenade Concerts. It is one of the significant events that mark the culture of Britain. It’s been there for a decade, and they started for the first time in the year 2006.