Peterborough Welcome Pass

The Peterborough Welcome Pass is designed to give newcomers to Peterborough an introduction to all the different cultural, arts, and recreational spaces in the Peterborough area.


The Pass has many benefits for both New Canadians and participating organizations.


As a new Canadian, you can register for the pass at the New Canadians Centre. Once registered, you and your family will obtain a pass that will allow you to either gain free or discounted entrance into different cultural spaces and activities around the Peterborough area. This helps you to familiarize yourselves with Peterborough’s cultural institutions. Do note that the Pass is only valid for one year and cannot be renewed upon expiry.


As a Pass partner, you have an excellent opportunity to increase your exposure to the growing numbers of newcomers who are calling Peterborough Home. You are welcome to sign up as a partner even if it is free to access your facilities. Join local businesses, organisations, and events in diversifying the profile of your audience/clientele!


We gratefully acknowledge


  • the Greater Peterborough Museum Network and the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough for their support in initiating the Peterborough Welcome Pass
  • our Pass partners for welcoming newcomers to the community